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Our lists are running by an Ecartis system. To subscribe to any list, please use email command. Please follow our rules.

If you just want to read lists’ message without being a member, you may use the rss links as provided below.


Common rules

Our lists are public. Once your email is sent to the list, any one who has internet connection can receive and read your message. So the first rule for you is to be careful, and to respect other people.

Every list has its own kind of topics. Don’t use wrong list for your problem. In case you are not sure, the list questions may be the good one.

You can use English or Vietnamese in our lists. However, please don’t use both English and Vietnamese in a same topic (thread).

If you think your problem or message doesn’t follow up the current thread, you may edit the email subject and/or use the prefix [OT] to help other people to track discussion.

Email command

The Ecartis system accepts commmand sent to [email protected]. The subject of your email does matter. To subscribe to the list foobar, use subscribe foobar as subject. Below the list of subscribe commands


Email sent from our system may be in your Spam box. Make sure you wait enough and/or check in Spam box before raising any issue to [email protected].


Our lists were running by However, there are some restrictions that are not suitable for the freedom of our project. We decice to use our own system. The move is complete in Sep 12th 2013.

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